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COMP 523: Software Engineering


Welcome to COMP 523: Software Engineering, which will meet during the fall 2020 semester from 2:40-3:55pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and occasionally Fridays (see the calendar). We will be meeting virtually via Zoom.

In this course, teams of 3–4 upper-level computer science majors build software for a real client with a real software need. These are not contrived class assignments, but real software projects, and every project is different.

If you are a student in COMP 523, most of the content on the site is written for you.

If you have a problem that software could solve, you could be a client in the class, and a student team could work on your idea during a fall or spring semester. To learn more, read the clients page.

If you are a software engineer who wants to give back, you could be a mentor for a student team. Mentors meet with their team each week to help them work through the challenges of developing a software project and collaborating with their client and each other. To learn more, read the mentors page.