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COMP 523: Software Engineering

Calendar (Fall 2019)

This is the calendar for fall 2019. You can also see the calendars for fall 2020 and fall 2021.


Week Monday Wednesday Friday Deliverable due by Sunday night
Aug 19-23 - welcome; course overview (recording) planning & exploration; spikes (recording (cut off)) (notes) pitch grading rubric (not required)
Aug 26-30 client pitches (recording) client pitches (recording) design principles (guest lecture by Graham Langdon, design director at RoleModel Software) (recording) (slides) -
Sep 2-6 no class (labor day) mentor matchmaking (assignments); Figma workshop (handout) - team web site
Sep 9-13 evaluating technologies; choosing a platform; architecture (slides; recording) layout (resources; recording) - user stories
Sep 16-20 react (code; recording) redux (code; recording) - clickable prototype
Sep 23-27 backend (code; recording; slides) deployment & infrastructure (recording; the 12-factor app) - application architecture; architecture diagram
Sep 30 - Oct 4 project management (recording) git (recording; resources for learning git) - project management board
Oct 7-11 git part 2 (squashed rebase screencast); agility; pair programming (slides; recording) testing, part 1 (recording; slides; code) - walking skeleton
Oct 14-18 midterm presentations midterm presentations (fall break) APPLES reflection 1
Oct 21-25 testing, part 2 (exercise; slides; recording) class cancelled (instructor sick) - -
Oct 28 - Nov 1 testing, part 3 (repo; videos) authentication (slides (HTML, PDF); recording) - test coverage report; tech talk preferences
Nov 4-8 interpersonal effectiveness (slides (HTML, PDF); recording) guest lecture by Christian Di Lorenzo, Data Science Engineer at LifeOmic: Serious Functional Programming in TypeScript: Putting Category Theory to Work for You (slides; recording) - developer README
Nov 11-15 Working session tech talks:
Team H: Express.js
Team N: Jupyter notebooks
- -
Nov 18-22 tech talks:
Team K: Progressive Web Apps
Team L: converting React webapps to React Native mobile apps
Team C: Intro to Machine Learning in Python
tech talks:
Team G: Google Maps
Team P: Mobile testing for Android apps
Team A: MongoDB
- -
Nov 25-29 tech talks:
Team R: Swift
Team M: Code smells
Team B: Cypress.js
no class (Thanksgiving) - client-oriented overview; APPLES reflection 2
Dec 2-6 (UNC Research & Making Expo Tue 12/3 3-5pm)
tech talks:
Team S: Firebase + React Native
Team Q: Bluetooth LE in Android
Team D: Rust
TBD - personal report

During the final exam period from 12-3pm on Monday, December 9th, each team will give their final presentation.