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COMP 523: Software Engineering

Assignment 5: Apples Reflection 1


Sunday, September 27th at 8am


This course counts as an APPLES Service Learning course. As such, we need occasionally to reflect on its service aspect.


Post a brief (at most one page) essay response to the following prompt on your project web site:

You are developing software for an organization that needed some help. Some of these organizations are non-profits, some are university entities, some are creating a business that meets an unfilled need. You have now spent over a month working with this client and should understand their goals and how your project fits into these goals. All of them have the intention of making a difference. As part of the service-learning component of this course, you are to identify what the goals and values of your project are. Clearly, not all of the projects are out to solve world hunger, but they are all meeting some population’s needs. Identify the need that you are meeting. If you are supporting researchers, you can explain why the research that they are doing is important and whom it affects. Explain the importance of this need and how the work that you are doing will impact it.