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COMP 523: Software Engineering


Unless otherwise noted, assignments are due Monday morning at 8am.

Most deliverables are submitted by adding them to the web site that you will create (Assignment 1). A couple are not suitable for publication to the web site, in which case suitable delivery mechanism will be described in the assignment details.

Starting November 1, I expect teams to finish not just whatever assignments are due each week (most of which are pretty lightweight), but also to work on adding features, and to document each new feature with a demo video, which should be linked from the journal on their web site.

# assignment due delivery difficulty
0 project preferences Friday Aug 27 (by 8 AM) email
1 web site Tuesday Sep 7 (by 8 AM) web ☕☕
2 project management approach Tuesday Sep 7 (by 8 AM) web
3 user stories Sep 13 web site ☕☕
4 clickable prototype Sep 20 web site ☕☕☕☕
5 APPLES reflection 1 Sep 27 web site
6 application architecture Oct 4 web site ☕☕☕
7 architecture diagram Oct 4 web site
8 walking skeleton Oct 18 web site ☕☕☕☕☕
9 midterm presentation Oct 18–20 (in class) web site ☕☕
10 tech talk Preferences due Oct 27; talk due Nov 1–Dec 1 (in class) web site ☕☕☕☕
11 test coverage report Nov 8 web site ☕☕
12 developer README Nov 15 web site ☕☕
13 client-oriented overview Nov 22 web site ☕☕
14 APPLES reflection 2 Nov 22 web site
15 personal report Wednesday Dec 1 (before midnight) email
16 final presentation Saturday Dec 4 (during final exam period, 12–3pm) web site ☕☕