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COMP 523: Software Engineering

Assignment 16: Final Presentation


During the final exam period (Saturday, December 4, 12–3pm).

I will randomly order the teams, and all will present during the 3 hour period.


Show others how your project ended up, and get practice presenting. For better or worse, it’s usually not enough to know something or to have done something; you have to also be able to talk about it and show people.


Prepare an 7-minute max presentation with the following outline:

  1. Project overview - What problem is your project solving? Who are the users?
  2. Architecture - Show us your architecture diagram and tell us what language(s), tools, and frameworks you’re using.
  3. Lessons learned - What will you do differently on your next collaborative software project?
  4. Demo - Show off your work! Walk us through how a user will use it.

Each team member should participate in both the preparation and delivery of the presentation.


Rehearse as a team to get the timing right. As little as 4 minutes is fine, but try not to go over the 7-minute mark. (We’re trying to get through 26 teams in 3 hours, including swap time.) When I give talks, I sometimes rehearse more than 10 times to really get it down. Not that you have to do that, but it can make the difference between a decent presentation and a great one, if you’re feeling ambitious.