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COMP 523: Software Engineering

Projects assigned

I’ve posted the project assignments. Read on for a few fun facts about the project preferences.

Each person submitted a list of 10 preferred projects, starting with the top preference. Assigning scores in descending order of preference (e.g. the top preference gets a score of 10 and the 10th preference gets a score of 1), the most popular projects by the total (summed) score were:

project total score
H 248
P 217
G 215
Q 196
R 181

In contrast, the bottom 5 vote getters got total scores of 56, 32, 32, 27, and 26.

Binary choices (IP and team vs. project priority)

22 people on 8 teams prioritized the team; 20 people (all individuals except one 3-person submission) prioritized project preferences.

4 people were not OK with an intellectual property assignment and confidentiality agreement; 38 were OK with that.

Goodness of fit

Overall I think the projects that people got assigned were highly preferred by them. This was possible because there was good variation among preferences.

Of people that prioritized their project preferences:

Of those that prioritized their team preference: